Customer Success Stories

The following customer success stories illustrate Securetech’s approach and capabilities. In each case, the solution provided was based on a systematic and expert analysis of the customer’s situation and needs, ensuring a custom-fit solution that was on-time and on-budget. Customers noted that the reasons they selected Securetech included our experience, strategic partnerships with security manufacturers, quick turnaround time, attention to detail, competitive pricing and project warranties.

+Universidad Interamericana (Metro Campus) Integration Project: Video, Access Control and Intrusion

Problem: The university had gone more than 10 years without upgrading their security system. The security system was unstable and prone to data loss which caused access problems throughout seven campuses. Interamericana needed to maintain data efficiently and required a reliable back-up system to help prevent data loss and system failures.

Solution: Interamericana selected Securetech to handle the system upgrade based on our experience, strategic partnerships with security manufacturers, quick turnaround on service calls, attention to detail, short down times, project warranties and competitive pricing.  The project included:

  • An upgrade of the security system.
  • Easy conversion of all data to the new system.
  • Integration of a Video IP system with the security system.
  • Integration of a GPS system that allows for prompt response to emergencies.
  • Installation of a new alarm system to facilitate and improve emergency response time.

+Intrusion System: Global International Shipping company UPS

Problem: The existing access control system in the distribution center had failed inspection. As a result, the distribution could not continue operations until the system was brought up to code.

Solution: Securetech conducted a complete system evaluation to clearly identify the issues that resulted in the system’s failure. These failures were quickly corrected to enable the system to pass inspection and allow the distribution center to continue operations with minimal down time.

+International Security Services: Largest Government Bank Belize

Problem: The bank’s security software was outdated and the hardware was deteriorated and in great need of replacement. The system was prone to system failures and hardware malfunctions. The failing sensors were not able to efficiently detect intruders, the deteriorated cameras were not able to produce clear images, and the outdated software was creating access issues.

Solution: As certified GE Security partners, Securtech was able to optimize, upgrade, and provide a vulnerability analysis breakdown to the Bank and currently holds a multi-year service contract.

+Parking Systems/AVI Pass: UIBR University

Problem: The University’s facilities access road was blocked by heavy traffic during peak hours of the day. Because the access road was not designed for the heavy traffic of student and personnel, the University needed a security solution that would facilitate access to the school and alleviate the heavy traffic. The University needed faster access to parking lots and more access points.

Solution: Securetech installed a RFID system with 7 access points using windshield RFID tags to identify vehicles, which decreased access time and allowed for faster flow of traffic.

+IP Megapixel Project: Largest Food Distribution Company

Problem: The existing video system did not cover key perimeter areas and the video quality was extremely poor, creating security and liability issues for the facilities.

Solution: Securetech installed an IP video megapixel system and increased the number of perimeter cameras. The project provided complete security coverage and the highest video quality.

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