Government Security

It All Starts with Planning.

Our team of government security professionals have the in-depth knowledge and expertise necessary to meet and exceed your needs. Whether it’s securing a single court building or integrating security systems for all government buildings within an entire municipality, Securetech’s team of dedicated government security professionals take the time to understand and plan for your specific requirements.

Custom Design is Essential.

As a highly-experienced government security integrator, we understand that no two facilities or government entities have identical security challenges. That’s why at Securetech we don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” security solutions. Our project management team works with you to develop an integrated solution based on years of experience integrating diverse products and technologies. Each facility and situation will receive just the right solution—one that is on time and on budget.

Complete and Expert Government Security Integration.

We create solutions that seamlessly work together to provide a complete government security solution. Our experience in designing integrated government security solutions results in systems that are complete, cost effective and easy to use. From a wide range of video surveillance and access control systems, to mass notification and around-the-clock monitoring, Securetech’s integrated platforms work seamlessly together to protect your facilities, assets, visitors and staff.

Our Ongoing Commitment to You.

We are dedicated to the highest professional standards and provide our government clients with world-class dependability, quality and responsiveness.  After your system is installed our commitment to you doesn’t end… it’s just beginning.  That’s why we provide comprehensive service plans to provide you with the peace-of-mind of knowing that your system will be professionally maintained and serviced. We work with you to develop a maintenance and service plan that avoids unplanned expenses and risk resulting from security or fire/life safety systems downtime. The security of your government facilities, assets, staff and visitors is just too important to settle for less.

Our reputation speaks for itself. It’s time for Securetech.

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