Parking and AVI Systems

Securetech’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems provide an integrated, total solution to electronically identify vehicles and authorize their access to controlled areas utilizing advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Compared to traditional card access systems, which are relatively slow and inconvenient to use, Securetech’s AVI systems are extremely fast, authenticating access in fractions of a second.

Securetech is a recognized leader in AVI solutions. Commercial organizations, government facilities, parking lot operators, university campuses and many others use Securetech’s AVI systems to quickly, accurately and reliably identify authorized vehicles and improve traffic flow. In addition to enhanced security, your employees, visitors and students benefit from Securetech’s AVI solutions as well, as they provide a more convenient and faster way to access parking areas.

Securetech's AVI solutions provide a more secure and convenient way to access parking areas.

A Securetech AVI system:

  • Saves time and eliminates the frustration of searching for misplaced ID cards
  • Efficiently controls vehicle access
  • Reduces illegal parking, encouraging only legal parking in the area
  • Can be easily disabled if stolen, unlike hangtags or ID cards
  • Can be programmed for any time period of use and do not require batteries.
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