RFID Tracking Systems

The world today faces increasing and uncertain security risks. It is also more fragmented and regulated, making the security and management of assets much more challenging. This is where Securetech’s radion frequency identification (RFID) solutions come into play, giving businesses, governments, campuses and other organizations an efficient and highly reliable way to protect and monitor products and assets.

Businesses and other organizations use Securetech’s RFID solutions to comply with government and customer product-tracking regulations while limiting theft and reducing losses. Unlike bar code systems, which require a visual scan to transmit data, RFID utilizes radio waves and doesn’t need a line-of-sight to read data, making it much easier and more efficient.

RFID solves many problems for all types of organizations. For instance, RFID makes companies of all sizes more efficient by helping them better track their inventory and assets with less labor. This results in a significant reduction in losses and an increase in bottom-line profitability.

An RFID system easily and efficiently tracks asset location in real time.

Some of the specific challenges a Securetech RFID solution can solve include:

  • Improved IT asset utilization by tracking servers, laptop computers or lab equipment
  • Improved document management by tracking the location, status, and chain of custody of legal documents
  • Rental and “check-out” situations, such as tools, books or other assets
  • Providing an accurate picture of existing inventory and eliminating the need for over-ordering “backup inventory”
  • Reducing the labor required to find and verify where certain items are, improving inventory accuracy and reducing expenses
  • Eliminating repetitive data entry, such as situations where shipments are tracked by hand on a clipboard and then later entered into a database
  • Keeping tabs on high-value assets such as tools, IT equipment or medical devices
  • Tracking high-turnover products such as clothing in a retail boutique, books in a library or tires in a tire store
  • Identifying and tracking returnable bins, racks, and containers like plastic totes, beer kegs, or gas cylinders at a medical supply house.
  • Meeting customer requirements for RFID product tracking


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